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Remy's Place

Living above the hip and bustling music cafe named after him, Remy's mornings, noons and nights are filled with interesting sounds. Using an old tape recorder to capture what he hears, he incorporates the sounds and words into a song or story at the end of each day. Parent's Choice Award recommended.

1 - Welcome to Remy’s Place! (16 min)

After learning about his family history from listening to recordings, Remy discovers a new hobby.

2 - Sleepy Sam the Trombone Man (11 min)

A guest trombone player is sitting in with the band tonight at Remy’s Place, but there’s one problem—he just can’t seem to stay awake!

3 - What's in the Box? (8 min)

A mysterious box arrives at Remy’s Place. Nobody knows what’s inside or who it’s for... but the musicians have some hilarious ideas.

4 - The Pigeon Visitor (11 min)

Baby pigeons hatch atop Remy’s air conditioner. Now they're all grown up and flying around right through Remy’s Place!

5 - A Really Great Stick (11 min)

Remy looks after his friend’s prized possession - a really great stick.

6 - Songs from Remy's Place (5 min)

Remy catches us up on what’s been going on at the café, with special guest star Norah Jones.

7 - A Day in the Way (12 min)

Remy feels like he’s in everybody's way – it’s so frustrating!

8 - Dumplings! (12 min)

Remy feels a little overwhelmed with all of the choices available at the Dumpling Festival.

9 - A Rainy Day (10 min)

As storm clouds gather, Remy works on a song about the rain.

10 - A Sad Day (9 min)

There’s a very sad man crying at table 6 at Remy’s Place and nobody is sure what upset him, or how to help.

11 - A Day on the Job (11 min)

Remy and Jules have to roll up their sleeves and help at the café. Remy is excited to make a contribution, especially a musical one!

12 - Like Remy's Place? Try These. (1 min)

The FurryTones and Discover the Forest