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Phobia Chat

Ima Scaredycat, host of the Phobia Chat radio show, is a steady kitty - the perfect host for a show about fears. Or, wait, she seems to be flustered, maybe she's not... MEOW!

1 - Arachybutriphobia (2 min)

Join us for a peanut butter sandwich as we talk about the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth.

2 - Chronomentrophobia (1 min)

Let's tick-talk about time as we talk about the fear of clocks.

3 - Mageirocophobia (1 min)

We're cooking up some grilled cheese and tuna sandwiches to talk about the fear of cooking.

4 - Papyrophobia (1 min)

Follow the paper trail to this episode when we talk about the fear of paper.

5 - Amaxophobia (1 min)

Road trip! Join us to explore the fear of riding in a car.

6 - Christougenniatikophobia (2 min)

Jingle all the way to our episode about the fear of Christmas.

7 - Anthrophobia (2 min)

Awww, springtime. We'll be exploring the fear of flowers.

8 - Arachnophobia (2 min)

Get caught in our web as we talk about the fear of spiders.

9 - Globophobia (1 min)

Go up, up, and away with us as we talk about the fear of balloons.

10 - Alektorophobia (1 min)

Who's in the hen house? We are! As we talk about the fear of chickens.

11 - Linonophobia (2 min)

Wrap this episode up and tie it in a bow because it's a show about the fear of string.

12 - Anapsytikophobia (2 min)

This show will wet your whistle as we talk about the fear of soda.

13 - Ailurophobia (2 min)

Meow, who knew anyone could be afraid of cats? We'll claw into this misguided fear.

14 - Kampanophobia (2 min)

Ding-dong! In this episode, we'll ring out the fear of bells.

15 - Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia (2 min)

We'll get a tongue workout today as we discuss the fear of really long words.

16 - Fragapanophobia (2 min)

Happy Birthday! There's no better day to talk about the fear of birthdays than Ima's own special day.

17 - Saxophonophobia (2 min)

Be-bop-toooot! We're gettting our saxxy-cat groove on to jam about fearing saxophones.

18 - Samhainophobia (2 min)

Scared of Halloween? Let this spooky episode tickle your clawtips.

19 - Anemophobia (2 min)

Let's breeze through a chat about the fear of wind. Woosh!

20 - Chiclephobia (2 min)

Pop goes the chewing gum! We're getting our teeth into the sticky fear of gum.