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One Small Act

New episodes monthly! What does it take to make the world a kinder place? Only one small act! There are so many ways to be kind, and in this podcast we’ll highlight 12 attributes of kindness, hear about acts of kindness from kids around the world, and learn from Kindness Champions about how they turned their small acts into very big ideas! To tell your story of kindness on a future episode have your parents email

0 - One Small Act (10 min)

Meet host and founder of Fiver for a Farmer, Jack Berne, as he shares his story and discovers so many different ways to be kind with Kath Koschel, founder of Kindness Factory, which has inspired over 3 million acts of kindness.

1 - Compassion (10 min)

Learn what it means to show compassion as Jack learns what inspired Cavanaugh Bell to create his anti-bullying organization, Cool & Dope.

2 - Trust (10 min)

How do you know when you can trust someone, and what does that have to do with kindness? Find out as Jack talks to 9-year-old news podcaster, Romy Cowan.

3 - Positivity (9 min)

Jack discusses the kindness of bringing positivity into the world with brothers Pravneet and Hurshneet Chadha, the founders of Project Smile AZ.

4 - Humour (9 min)

Find out how kindness and humour go hand in hand as Jack talks to 15-year old stand up comedian Dhruv Rao.

5 - Collaboration (10 min)

Jack discusses the kindness of collaboration as he talks with student game designers Ethan Liang and Andrea Kim.

6 - Perspective (9 min)

Jack talks with Kelly Gilbert of Chill Out and Look About about how she and her friends changed their perspective after a tragedy to make their community safer, and kinder.

7 - Empathy (9 min)

Jack talks about empathy and how to practice it with Emily Keller, founder of Students for Animals.

8 - Humility (9 min)

See how granting wishes to others can teach you humility as Jack talks with Ruby Kate Chitsey, founder of Three Wishes for Ruby's Residents.

9 - Share your acts of kindness (1 min)