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Kyle’s Wild World

New episodes every Wednesday! Coming to you straight from the garage recording studio, Kyle brings you animal trivia, games and interviews with the most special species of the animal kingdom. Guests on the pod include superstars like Cheetah, Dolphin, and Komodo Dragon. Every episode also features field reporter and friend, Gail as she visits animal habitats all over the world.

1 - More Than an Adorable Puffball (13 min)

On his very episode, Kyle welcomes Koala to the show. Sure she’s adorable, but there's so much more to know about her.

2 - A Lot of Lizard (12 min)

Kyle meets Komodo Dragon, a nine-foot predator with spiky teeth and a venomous bite. Snacktime is cancelled.

3 - Flash of Fur (11 min)

Cheetah drops by to talk about life as the world’s fastest land animal. Who will win when Kyle’s Dad challenges Cheetah to a race?

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