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Kyle’s Wild World

Coming to you straight from the garage recording studio, Kyle brings you animal trivia, games and interviews with the most special species of the animal kingdom. Guests on the pod include superstars like Cheetah, Dolphin, and Komodo Dragon. Every episode also features field reporter and friend, Gail as she visits animal habitats all over the world. Parents' Choice Approved!

Season 1

0 - Trailer (1 min)

1 - More Than an Adorable Puffball (13 min)

On his very first episode, Kyle welcomes Koala to the show. Sure she’s adorable, but there's so much more to know about her.

2 - Legendary Lizard (12 min)

Kyle meets Komodo Dragon, a nine-foot predator with spiky teeth and a venomous bite. Snacktime is cancelled.

3 - Flash of Fur (11 min)

Cheetah drops by to talk about life as the world’s fastest land animal. Who will win when Kyle’s Dad challenges Cheetah to a race?

4 - Hamsters Rule (10 min)

Trouble in the pod studio! When Kyle’s guest doesn’t show up, a heroic pet steps in to save the day.

5 - Hippo Hippo Hooray (11 min)

Hippopotamus gets stompy when Kyle points out that he’s only the world’s second largest land animal.

6 - Best Birdsong (11 min)

We discover who sings all the songs for the show when Kyle welcomes a guest from his own backyard.

7 - Wave Goodbye (12 min)

How do you get ocean animals like dolphins to visit your garage? You build an enormous water tank, of course.

8 - Pride of Lions (12 min)

Uh-oh. Kyle's guest is a true animal superstar—but Kyle himself is missing the show!

9 - Stink Surprise (12 min)

Skunks make the most horrible smell in the animal kingdom. Would you invite one into your house?

10 - Eye in the Sky (10 min)

When a surprise guest drops by the pod studio, Kyle gets the chance of a lifetime.

Season 2

1 - Trunk Tricks (12 min)

As the new host of Eagle Eye in the Sky, Kyle flies to Africa to chat with an elephant.

2 - Presto Change-o (12 min)

Chameleon shows off one of the world's greatest tricks: His incredible color changes.

3 - Swim Far Dive Deep (11 min)

What's it like to swim thousands of miles all around the world? Leatherback Turtle talks about her journeys.

4 - All the Buzz (13 min)

For the first time in animal podcast history, Kyle uses an amazing new invention to talk to an insect!

5 - Howling, Growling, and Prowling (12 min)

Kyle learns to howl when he meets one of the world's top predators—the fearsome gray wolf.

6 - Best of Both Worlds (12 min)

In all this time, Kyle has never had an amphibian on the show! He corrects that with a visit from a spotted salamander.

7 - Teeth Underneath (12 min)

Is there anything more frightening than a shark? Those eyes! That fin! And so many teeth!

8 - Pancakes with Panda (10 min)

This time, Kyle is the guest. He visits Panda's podcast, where he talks about being a human and competes in a battle of knowledge.

9 - Strong but Gentle (13 min)

Kyle is chilling with Gorilla, learning about life in the troop—when an accident causes trouble in the Wild World pod studio.

10 - The Termite Queen (10 min)

Termites are chewing the walls, putting the pod studio and the whole house in danger. Can Kyle and Gail save the day?

11 - Like Kyle's Wild World? Try these. (1 min)

This Podcast Has Fleas, Emma-Made Lemonade, ExtraBLURT, 5 for 5 Trivia