Job Squad - Pinna

Job Squad

10-year-old Shania and 13-year-old Shaun go on-location to different jobs to ask: what DO you do all day? Go behind the scenes of all sorts of careers, from the average to the wildly unexpected.

1 - Karate Instructor (10 min)

Learn what it really takes to be a black belt from an instructor who’s practiced karate since she was four years old.

2 - Ice Cream Flavor Creators (10 min)

Hear from an ice cream shop owner who gets to come up with wild ice cream flavors.

3 - Dog Trainer (11 min)

Meet someone whose job it is to hang out with puppies and train them to do cool tricks!

4 - Foley Artist (13 min)

Find out where the sound effects in TV shows and movies come from and all the cool tools used to make them.

5 - Opera Singer (12 min)

Find out how opera singers make their voices so loud.

6 - Firefighter (12 min)

Meet a strong, smart, and brave firefighter who tells us what it’s like on the job.

7 - Pizza Chef (11 min)

Flip some dough behind the counter with a professional pizza chef.

8 - Farmer (12 min)

Travel to a farm to find out where the food we eat comes from.

9 - Cat Café Manager (12 min)

Visit a cat cafe and learn what it means to rescue cats.

10 - Coach (10 min)

Find out what it takes to be a great coach–it’s not just about sports!

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