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Hamster Hot Takes

If you love Kyle's Wild World but wish it had more of Rosie the Hamster, then Hamster Hot Takes is the show for you!

1 - Know Your Rodents (2 min)

Rosie makes sure you never confuse a hamster with a guinea pig.

2 - Hair is Fur (1 min)

Rosie wonders why humans are so proud of their little patch of head fur.

3 - Picky Eaters (1 min)

Rosie tells carnivores and herbivores that they should try something new.

4 - Sound Countdown (2 min)

Rosie ranks her top five animal sounds. Number one is tons of fun!

5 - What's Rosie Thinking About? (2 min)

Super special guest Kyle drops by to play a game. Want to play along?

6 - Rodents Over Dinos (2 min)

Rosie suggests that since dinosaurs are extinct, you should be a rodent fan instead.

7 - Hamster Hooray (1 min)

Rosie gives awards to the biggest stars in the animal world.

8 - Fan Mail (2 min)

Rosie answers burning questions from fans of the show.

9 - Tall Tails (1 min)

Rosie discovers all the amazing things that animal tails can do.

10 - What's Kyle Thinking About? (2 min)

Kyle's back to play another guessing game with you and Rosie.