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Good Sport

Have you ever wondered what pro-athletes were like before they became famous? Good Sport has the inside scoop. You'll hear from NFL tight end Martellus "Marty" Bennett, Blake Bolden, the first African American woman to play professional hockey in the U.S., surfer Joel Parkinson and many more as they share stories from when they were kids.

1 - Blake Bolden: Hockey's Icebreaker (9 min)

After learning to play at age 6, Blake Bolden went on to become the first African American woman to play professional hockey in the U.S.

2 - Marty Bennett: Chasing Pigs (7 min)

Super Bowl champion and Green Bay Packers tight end Marty Bennett learned how to tackle in an unexpected way.

3 - Monica Puig: Bigger Than Fear (6 min)

Tennis pro Monica Puig overcame her fear of winning to become Puerto Rico’s first gold medalist at the Rio Olympics in 2016.

4 - Paul Rabil: Two Shots at Glory (8 min)

Paul Rabil went from making an embarrassing mistake to becoming one of the greatest lacrosse players of all time.

5 - Taylor Ritzel: Fish Out of Water (10 min)

Taylor Ritzel dreamed of swimming in the Olympics, but after swim coaches turned her down, she picked up a sport she'd never considered before: rowing.

6 - Erik Morlock: Quidditch, A Good Sport For Wizards (11 min)

Erik Morlock of the University of Virginia’s Whomping Wahoos shares what it's like to play in a sport straight out of a fantasy world.

7 - Jen Welter: Jock Daughter to Football Rocker (11 min)

Backyard football games and family fun runs gave Jen Welter the confidence to break through gender barriers in professional football–both as a player and a coach.

8 - Michael Silenzi: Leaping Over Obstacles (10 min)

Michael “The Stallion” Silenzi overcame obstacles in both his gymnastics and his America Ninja Warrior training.

9 - Jeanette Lee: The Black Widow of Billiards (13 min)

Jeanette Lee, nicknamed “The Black Widow” for her pool playing skills, outlines her steps to success.

10 - Ade Adepitan: In the Swim (9 min)

Paralympic basketball star Ade Adepitan faced difficulty swimming due to his disability, but encouragement from his teachers helped him become a champion.

11 - Like Good Sport? Try these. (1 min)

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