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Fast Fright Thrillers

A mysterious object in the attic, not-so-virtual reality, ghosts and monsters await you in this anthology horror show.

1 - Nai Nai's Washbowl (3 min)

A little girl and her brother find something strange in the attic.

2 - The Scratching in the Attic (4 min)

A little boy and his babysitter confront a monster... or is it?

3 - Nuru and the Scream (4 min)

A trapped girl finds an ally.

4 - A Friend Forever (4 min)

A little girl discovers a secret about her new house.

5 - Spirit House (3 min)

Two boys find out what happens when you anger the spirits.

6 - The Family (5 min)

A girl learns the truth about her family.

7 - RSVP Nightmare (5 min)

A little boy's nightmares become reality.

8 - The Snatcher (3 min)

A rainstorm and a spooky legend make a little girl's night truly terrifying.

9 - The Invasion (3 min)

A space battle is more than is seems.

10 - The New Girl (3 min)

A lonely girl tries to befriend the new girl at school.