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ExtraBLURT Jr.

Grab your family and friends and play along with this interactive audio game show for all ages! Shout out your answers as hosts Natalie and Ezequiel pose fun-filled challenges and tricky, intriguing trivia questions. A Parents' Choice Recommended Award Winner

Season 1

1 - I Feel Feelings (11 min)

If you’re happy and you know it, play these games about feelings.

2 - Wild Weather (12 min)

Grab your umbrella, it’s raining games.

3 - Meet Me on the Playground (11 min)

Play around with these games about swings, slides and sandboxes.

4 - The Super Sweet Show (12 min)

Unwrap these games about sweet treats.

5 - Aardvarks to Zebras (12 min)

This animal extravaganza goes from A to Z with every creature in between.

6 - Sharks and Sidekicks (14 min)

Dive into these games about sharks and other sea creatures.

7 - Pack Your Flip Flops We’re Going to the Beach (11 min)

Dig into these sandy beach games.

8 - Diggers Gonna Dig (13 min)

Put on your hard hat for these construction site games.

9 - Bugs Keep Bugging Me (14 min)

Butterflies and bees abound in these buggy games.

10 - Up, Up and Away! (13 min)

This airport adventure is ready for take off.

Season 2

1 - Plant Power (13 min)

This garden of games is in full bloom.

2 - I’m in the Band (13 min)

Keep the beat in these games about bands.

3 - Dyno-mite Dinosaurs (14 min)

You’ll dig our dinosaur games.

4 - Let's Get to Work (14 min)

Work hard on these games about unusual jobs.

5 - Home Sweet Home (13 min)

We’re giving you the grand tour in these games about homes.

6 - Happy Birthday to You! (13 min)

Happy Birthday to you! Get ready to blow out the candles in these birthday games.

7 - Once Upon a Fairy Tale (13 min)

These games about fairy tales are a wish come true.

8 - High Five for Your Senses (13 min)

These sensational games are about the five senses.

9 - Take A Hike (12 min)

Follow our trail with these games about forests.

10 - Record Breaking Bonanza! (16 min)

Show off your skills with these games about records breakers

11 - Like ExtraBLURT Jr.? Try these. (1 min)

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