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Play along with ExtraBLURT, an interactive audio game show for the whole family! Hosts Charlie and Aleah invite you to shout out answers to a variety of fun-filled challenges. Each episode immerses listeners in a different theme, from underwater to outer space to pirates. Play these audio games with family, friends or even solo. You’ll be surprised by what you blurt out!

Season 1

1 - All Guts, All Glory (14 min)

How well do you know what goes on inside your body?

2 - Everything Underwater (15 min)

Dive into this underwater episode.

3 - Outer Space Invaders (15 min)

5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Blast off with the games about the things you’d find in space.

4 - Monsters Schmonsters (16 min)

Beware of the monsters! Monster games, that is. Howl out your answers to questions about werewolves, mummies, vampires, and yetis.

5 - Castlemania (14 min)

What takes place behind castle walls? Discover fun facts about kings, queens, knights, and more!

6 - Seriously Super (15 min)

Superheroes and diabolical villains take over this episode. Only your answers can save the day!

7 - Rainforest Roar (15 min)

Explore the rainforest with games about amazing plants and animals.

8 - You Gonna Eat That? (14 min)

Gobble up these games about food!

9 - Bring the Beats (15 min)

Sing out the answer as loud as you can in this episode all about music!

10 - Pirates and Parrots (14 min)

Ahoy matey! Climb aboard the ship and test your knowledge on pirates, or walk the plank, landlubbers!

Season 2

1 - The Pets We Get (15 min)

Cuddle up with these games about furry and feathered friends.

2 - Perfectly Presidential (16 min)

On a scale of 1-45, how well do you know your presidents? Find out with these games.

3 - African Savanna (14 min)

Join lions, giraffes, zebras and the rest of the herd in this wild adventure.

4 - Heading to Hogwarts (16 min)

Grab your wand and broomstick for these games about the world of Harry Potter.

5 - All About Games (16 min)

Ready to roll? It’s your turn to play these games about board games.

6 - Road Trip (16 min)

Pack a bag and some snacks – we’re taking these games on the road.

7 - Technical Spectacle (16 min)

Take a spin with these games about technology, robots, computers, cars, and more!

8 - Ready to Wear (16 min)

Try on these games about clothes.

9 - At the Buzzer (17 min)

Will you be the champion of these games about sports?

10 - Planet Earth (17 min)

Travel the globe with these games about the wonders of the planet we call home.

11 - Like ExtraBLURT? Try these. (1 min)

ExtraBLURT Junior, 5 for 5 Trivia, Money on the Sidewalk