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Don't Break the Rules: Mini Bits

Your favorite, most hilarious Don't Break the Rules characters are back, doing mini bits of improv with Carly.

1 - You Come for Dinner! (2 min)

Luciano the Opera Singing Tomato invites Carly over for dinner with his Nonna in a Twisted Twinkle song.

2 - Banana Hiding in My Diaper (3 min)

Samantha the Spy Baby conquers the big girl slide with her diaper helicopter and a gorilla in this 2 Minute Task.

3 - I Smell Like Creamed Corn (2 min)

Ontario the Bluesy blue popsicle sings the blues about freezer burn, something near and dear to his popsicle heart.

4 - Clouds are Outta Sight (1 min)

Cathy the Cloud Cheerleader cheers for the weather and snowmen in this Twisted Twinkle song.

5 - Lester's in Space (3 min)

Lester the Lollipop plays 2-Minute Task and launches himself into space using the power of chili peppers.

6 - Feeling My Feels (2 min)

Sam the Vegetarian Lion learns what the blues are and then he sings them, digging deep about too-hot soup.

7 - Have Some Chips and Dance (3 min)

Clarissa the Vampire Carrot mixes up holidays with her pal the Christmas Caterpillar in this 2 Minute Task.

8 - I'm Just Glad I Found One (1 min)

Chester the Crystal Squirrel has to pack his backpack and can only get his squirrel brain to say acorn.

9 - Our Beard is Very Fluffy (3 min)

Samuel Sams the Know-It-All Kid has a furry challenge in this 2 Minute Task as he uses time travel to get a cat out of a tree.

10 - Swimming and Laughing and Living and Loving (1 min)

Camille the Diva Mermaid struts through the ocean as she sings the blues about sand in her bathing suit.