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What is Pinna?

Pinna is the only screen-free, ad-free on-demand audio service that reimagines kids’ entertainment. Each podcast, audio show, audiobook and music compilation is expertly developed and carefully curated for kids 3-8. From science and fantasy to interactive game shows and mysteries, Pinna has hundreds of hours of programming that will spark kids’ imaginations, encourage participation and hold their interest.

How are the audio shows developed and content curated?

At Pinna, we believe in a kid’s right to explore, discover, learn and play on their own terms. Therefore, every audio show and content piece is developed and acquired with kids in mind. In fact, every show produced is carefully vetted by experts in the children’s cognitive development field including advisors specifically focused on literacy, education, culture, psychology and curriculum. We want to ensure everything your kids are exposed to is not only enjoyable but also age appropriate.

What does kidSAFE certified mean?

Pinna is a member of the kidSAFE Seal Program, an independent safety certification service designed specifically for kid-friendly websites and technologies. For Pinna, that means that we do not let anyone advertise to your kids, whether they are browsing for an adventure audiobook or listening to a thrilling mystery, you can be sure that their experience will not be interrupted by unwanted messaging.

What’s the best way to start listening?

There is no right or wrong way to enjoy the thousands of original audio show and podcast episodes, award-winning audiobooks, songs and musical artists. From setting the tone for the day around the breakfast table with an interactive audio game show to turning on upbeat music during a drive or enjoying a quiet moment listening to a favorite audiobook, there’s an audio experience for every time of day and every mood.

How do I learn about new features, audio shows, episodes, music and audiobooks?

We are dedicated to developing and curating the most interesting, exciting and engaging content for kids 3-8. We are constantly adding new audio shows, music and audiobooks to our content library so the best way to stay informed is to subscribe to our newsletter.

Once logged in, go to the Parents navigation section and select Newsletter. You will then be prompted to confirm your email address. You can expect to receive an initial email confirming your enrollment as well as weekly communications from us. Don’t have an account yet? No problem. Sign up is available in the footer of this page.

For more frequent check-ins and to share your experiences with us, stay connected to Pinna by following @PinnaAudio on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Can Pinna be used in the classroom?

Yes! With hours of listening across various topics and categories, Pinna has audio shows, podcasts, audiobooks and music to match every need. From the ABCs to Zoology, and everything in between, there is a topic that aligns with any curriculum. We have an interactive audio game show that encourages participation and music that inspires movement and dance. We even offer do-togethers and printables to enhance the listening experience.

Listen to the sample to hear more!

How do I contact Pinna?

We are always happy to hear from our listeners of any age! Please email us at: or connect with us by following @PinnaAudio on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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