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What is Pinna?

Pinna is an on-demand audio subscription service that reimagines kids’ entertainment. Each podcast, audio show, music album and audiobook on Pinna is expertly developed and curated for kids 3-12. From science and fantasy to interactive game shows and mysteries, music and more, Pinna has hundreds of hours of programming to pique the interest of every kid and get them giggling, guessing, wondering, puzzling, and participating. Pinna is an ad-free, screen-free way to play and listen.

Why does Pinna cost money?

Pinna is a kid-safe environment which, in part, means that it is free of ads and free of messaging aimed at your kids. Because Pinna does not rely on advertising as a revenue source, we must collect subscription fees in order to continue to create amazing Pinna Original podcasts and acquire top content from partners across the music, podcasting and audiobook space.

How much does Pinna cost?

We currently offer two subscription options that kick in after a 30-day free trial:

  • A month-to-month option at $7.99/month USD
  • A yearly option at $79.99/year USD, which equates to 2 additional months FREE (beyond the trial period)

Both options unlock unlimited access to all Pinna Original podcasts, partner podcasts, music and audiobooks - over 1,000 things to listen to! Plus, you can listen on any mobile device via the Pinna app as well as stream on your desktop/laptop.

*Please note that all prices are in US Dollars (USD). App stores will display cost based on exchange rates and your location.

Why is a credit card required at sign up?

Pinna asks for a payment method to ensure you don't have any interruption in service after the free trial ends. We do this by sending an authorization request to your financial institution to verify that your payment method works. These requests are not charges, but in some cases they may temporarily affect your available account balance.

What happens after my free trial ends?

If you enjoyed your free trial, you will be automatically charged for a monthly or yearly subscription – depending on what plan you selected at sign up – and continue to have unlimited access to Pinna. If you canceled your trial before it ended, you will not be charged, and you will no longer have access to the Pinna library.

Keep in mind that if you elect to cancel before your free trial ends, you must do so 24 hours before the date of your first payment to avoid being charged. To check the status of your account as well as confirm the date of your payment, please visit My Account Settings under Manage Subscription. You can access this portal once logged in, behind the parent firewall.

Why was I charged earlier than expected?

If your billing date is scheduled for a date that does not occur in a given month (such as the 31st), you’ll likely be billed on the last day of that month instead.

When is offline listening coming?

It's here!! We're so excited to announce that you can now download your favorite podcasts, music, audiobooks, chapters, episodes, songs, etc. and truly take Pinna on the road without using data.

Get started by visiting "My Library" in the bottom navigation in the Pinna app or by selecting "download" next to any content.

Playlists is the next feature we'll be rolling out with even more enhancements and features on the way.

As always, if you have any feedback or suggestions on how to improve your listening experience, please email us at

What does kidSAFE certified mean?

Pinna is a member of the kidSAFE Seal Program, an independent safety certification service designed specifically for kid-friendly websites and technologies. For Pinna, that means we adhere to COPPA rules and regulations ensuring that we do not collect any personally identifiable information about your kids and we keep any account information behind a gated wall for only adults to access.

Additionally, we are ad-free which means that we do not let anyone advertise to your kids. Whether they are browsing for an adventure audiobook or listening to a thrilling mystery podcast, you can be sure that their experience will not be interrupted by unwanted messaging.

What devices does Pinna support?

Pinna is available to stream on all iOS and Android devices including tablets and smartphones. Additionally, listeners can access Pinna via their desktop by entering in the username and password created at sign up to log in from

With seamless cross-device listening, use your log in information to access your account on any supported device so that you can pick up right where you left off!

Inside tip: keep an ear out for our Alexa integration soon!

Can multiple listeners be listening at one time?

Yes! Pinna supports multiple users listening at once. Whether you have one kid in the bath listening to Piper and the Dots on a tablet, one in their special nook listening to a gripping mystery on a borrowed mobile phone or the whole family guessing along to trivia on a laptop speaker, Pinna is perfect for any moment.

For an even more customized experience, we are launching playlist functionality by November and user profiles early 2020.

Can I give Pinna as a gift?

Yes! You can gift Pinna to family, friends, your kids’ teacher or whoever you’d like!

When purchasing a Pinna gift, you have the option of giving a 3 months, 6 months or 1 year subscription. Plus, you can choose to either print a copy of the unique gift code or you can have the gift sent as an email on a date of your choosing – complete with a personalized message.

To make someone’s day, please visit the Pinna gifting page.

How do I redeem a gift subscription?

First, congratulations!! You (or your kids) have been given the gift of immersive storytelling, engaging audiobooks and award-winning music.

Second, to redeem a gift, please follow the following steps:

New Pinna users

You must create an account and enter your unique code found. You can do all that here.

For current iOS, Android subscribers

If you are a current Pinna subscriber and you signed up through your personal device (iOS, Android) then you will need to first cancel your current subscription, let it expire and then redeem your gift by clicking here.

For current subscribers who signed up on

Your gift will automatically be applied to your account after your existing subscription term ends. This can be tracked and reviewed at any time by visiting your Account Settings.

I live in Australia, is Pinna available there and other countries?

YES! Pinna is now available via your local app store in all countries. While we strive to offer diverse content that celebrates all cultures, the primary language of Pinna is English. If you have any specific questions on how to access Pinna locally, please reach out to us at and we'll be happy to assist!

How are the audio shows developed and content curated?

At Pinna, we believe in a kid’s right to explore, discover, learn and play on their own terms. Therefore, every audio show and content piece is developed and acquired with kids in mind. In fact, every show produced is carefully vetted by experts in the children’s cognitive development field including advisors specifically focused on literacy, education, culture, psychology and curriculum. We want to ensure everything your kids are exposed to is not only enjoyable but also age appropriate.

How do I learn about new features, audio shows, episodes, music and audiobooks?

We are dedicated to developing and curating the most interesting, exciting and engaging content for kids 3-12. We are constantly adding new podcasts, music and audiobooks to our content library so the best way to stay informed is to subscribe to our newsletter.

Once logged in, go to the Parents navigation section and select Newsletter. You will then be prompted to confirm your email address. You can expect to receive an initial email confirming your enrollment as well as weekly communications from us. Don’t have an account yet? No problem. Follow this link to sign up:

For more frequent check-ins and to share your experiences with us, stay connected to Pinna by following @PinnaAudio on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

What’s the best way to start listening?

There is no right or wrong way to enjoy the thousands of original audio show and podcast episodes, award-winning audiobooks, songs and musical artists. From setting the tone for the day around the breakfast table with an interactive audio game show, turning on upbeat music during a drive or enjoying a quiet moment listening to a favorite audiobook, there’s an audio experience for every time of day and every mood.

Can Pinna be used in the classroom?

YES! With hours of listening across various topics and categories, Pinna has podcasts, audio shows, music and audiobooks to match every need. Anytime Art creates a virtual art studio in any space while ExtraBLURT and ExtraBLURT Jr, encourages participation in an audio game show format. Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest takes place in a classroom with witty commentary from school kids while The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel is a gripping adventure that will keep kids riveted.

Browse the content library to hear more!

I want to work with Pinna - can I?

Yes! We'd love to hear from collaborators in the industry, creators, artists, actors, writers, etc. and have created a streamlined process for you to easily reach out to us.

Please follow this link to submit your name, proposal/pitch, etc:

My kids love Pinna, how can I get more involved?

Every Pinna Original Podcast is created for kids and goes through a formal kid-testing process. Therefore, we are always looking for kid testers to hear the latest shows in production and provide their honest opinions - as only kids can!

Please click the following link to sign up:

If your kids qualify for the particular project we're working on at the time, we will reach out!

How do I contact Pinna?

We are always happy to hear from our listeners of any age! Please email us at: or connect with us by following @PinnaAudio on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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