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Why You Should Listen to Audiobooks With Your Kids — And a Booklist (Broken Down by Age!) to Get You Started

We all know the benefits of reading aloud to our kids, right?

Well, why is it that so many of us question whether audiobooks “count” as reading when we’re on-the-go (ya know, multitaskin’ like a boss!), our voice is tired, or we’re over reading Goodnight Moon on repeat every night?

Audiobooks have been around for a long time, but they’re more accessible now than ever before — thanks to technology.

Listening to audiobooks offers a multitude of educational and relational benefits for kids of any age (grownups too!). In fact, according to Medical News Today, listening and reading evoke almost identical brain activity.

The benefits of listening to audiobooks include increased word exposure, improved comprehension, expanded vocabulary, exposure to new genres and styles, and access to entire libraries of content from any smart device.

Audiobooks also provide a read-aloud model for parents and teachers, offer a bridge to challenging discussion topics, allow time for reading even when families are busy (i.e. listening to audiobooks in the car, while doing chores, or at bedtime), and bring access to grade-level text for those with a diagnosis that makes reading difficult.

Pinna, while known for its kid-friendly podcast content, also has a massive collection of audiobooks spanning every topic imaginable for kids ages 3-12.

Below, you’ll find a roundup of Pinna audiobook recommendations, broken down by age.

This list doesn’t comprise the entirety of Pinna’s audiobook library, but it’s enough to get you started. Check the app often because they’re always adding new and exciting content!

Pinna Audiobook Recommendations By Age

Ages 3-5

Ages 6-8

Ages 10-12

The Takeaway

Listening to audiobooks is both educational and entertaining for kids of all ages. Pinna has a wide range of audiobooks available on the platform catering to kids ages 3-12 (many are fun for the whole family!). If you’d like to read more about the benefits of audiobooks — or want even more listening recommendations— check out the posts linked below.

We’re all ears!

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Amy Thetford

Amy Thetford

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