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Why Emma-Made Lemonade is the Perfect Intro to Entrepreneurship for Kids

Do your kids want to make money?

If so, they’re in good company.

The company of Emma Pennyworth, that is.

A Pinna Original, Emma-Made Lemonade is the tale of an ordinary girl on an extraordinary journey. Come along as Emma learns all about how to start and run a business - in a really big way. Her story, while relatable, is such a fun listen for kids and grownups alike.

Here’s a quick synopsis.

“Emma Pennyworth is an 11-year-old girl who just happens to run an international lemonade-stand empire with her younger brother Polonius. From her headquarters — a giant factory in her backyard — Emma manages a global network of lemonade stands to benefit the Home for Awesome Ducklings. Of course, when Emma started, life was not a bowl of lemons. But now she’s the most successful kid in the world — and she’s going to tell the story of how she got there and what she learned along the way.”

This superb story is a Webby Award Honoree and recommended by Parents’ Choice Foundation.

Emma-Made Lemonade is the perfect intro to teaching your kids all about financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

Why might you want to teach your kids financial literacy?

Well, it’s simple — teaching our kids about money when they’re young gives them a head start at a successful financial future.

How do you teach kids about entrepreneurship?

Well, that’s simple too. Let them start a business. There’s no better way to learn than to jump in and get some hands-on experience.

Here are 25 business ideas your kids can start and run:

  1. Lemonade stand (of course)
  2. Tutoring after school
  3. Babysitting neighborhood kids
  4. Writing books
  5. Selling baked goods
  6. Becoming a balloon artist
  7. Walking dogs
  8. Washing cars
  9. Mowing lawns
  10. Raking leaves
  11. Shoveling snow
  12. Scooping dog poop
  13. Making and selling jewelry
  14. Selling concessions at local events
  15. Starting and monetizing a YouTube channel
  16. Washing windows
  17. Selling produce at local farmers markets
  18. Hot cocoa stand (in the colder months)
  19. Teaching music lessons
  20. Becoming a blogger
  21. Painting and selling rocks
  22. Gift wrapping service
  23. Pet sitting
  24. Photography
  25. Selling their artwork

There you have it — 25 business ideas your kids can start in 2021.

This is just a sampling of the many businesses kids can start and succeed at and let this list be your jumping-off point.

Pro tip:

Check out the resources for Emma-Made Lemonade to access activity sheets that can help guide your kids through the process of starting a business. From thinking about who the customer is and how to advertise to setting a budget and more, it's a fun way to make financial literacy a natural topic of conversation!

The Wrap-Up

When helping your child choose a business to start, be sure to take into consideration both their age and ability, as well as their interests.

And if something doesn’t stick. Try something else.

Starting a business is a learning experience like no other — one in which you'll make mistakes, grow, and have so much fun. You’ll find this is an adventure every bit as exciting as the one Emma Pennyworth went on in her story. The memories you’ll make when starting a business with your kids will last a lifetime.

**Quick disclaimer — as always, maintain safe social distancing and follow your state’s COVID regulations.**

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Amy Thetford

Amy Thetford

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