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Hear tons of new audiobooks On Pinna — Spring 2022

Spring is in the air…

And Pinna is launching a boatload of brand new content to celebrate!

Like all streaming services, contracts begin and end all the time. Luckily, Pinna has been hard at work sourcing all new family-friendly podcasts, audiobooks, and music for you and your kiddos.

Even better? It’s all included in your monthly subscription at no additional cost.

Here are a few new and noteworthy series we’d love for you to check out.

New and Noteworthy Series On Pinna Your Kids Will Love

Jake Maddox

Do you have an athlete in your midst? If so, you’ll want to tune in and listen to each of the books in the Jake Maddox series on Pinna. Each one takes you on an exciting sports adventure that’s sure to leave your heart happily pounding.

Igor’s Lab of Fear

Igor’s Lab of Fear is a series designed to keep your kids drawn in ‘til the very last page. Each book is filled with thrills and chills — and a few laughs for good measure!

Sofia Martinez

This early chapter book series follows the life of Sofia Martinez. Each story is sprinkled with Spanish words and interesting tidbits about Mexican culture. These rib-tickling titles are both relatable and hilarious.

Jason Strange

Spooktacularly scary, the Jason Strange series will keep your kids on the edge of their seats. Be sure to tune in as a family for an immersive audio experience.

Katie Woo and Pedro

In the Katie Woo and Pedro audiobook series, these two best friends pair up to solve mysteries all over the neighborhood. Listen along to see if you can follow the clues and help close the case!

Library of Doom

These beginner chapter books lure kids in with their intriguing titles and spellbinding storylines. The Library of Doom series is the perfect screen-free entertainment for a rainy weekend afternoon or your next family road trip.

Museum Mysteries

Set in fictional Capitol City, each mystery is centered around unexplained happenings at museums around town. If you have amateur sleuths at home, this series is sure to be a hit!

Screams in Space

For sci-fi loving kids, you’ll want to give Screams in Space a listen. This series is a mishmash of the science fiction and horror genres (kid-friendly, of course!). Tune in to see how each terrifyingly terrific tale is resolved.

The Other Side of the Story

Popular children’s books are told from the opposite point of view. Is your interest piqued? Hear classic tales like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Jack and the Beanstalk, and more told from the perspective of the perceived villains in each story.

Twice Told Tales

Twice Told Tales are retellings of the fairy tales we all grew up hearing. If you want to introduce your kids to classics like Beauty and the Beast or Little Red Riding Hood, tell them the original story first and then let them listen to the Twice Told Tale version. After you’re finished, take some time to compare and contrast.

Does this sneak peek have you intrigued? Keep reading for a mega-list of all the audio content comin’ your way on Pinna!

What’s New on Pinna — Spring 2022 (The Complete List)

A Hole in the Dome

A Home in the Sky

A Jar of Eyeballs

A oscuras

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Clues

A Spaceship Named Judy

Alien Lockdown

Astrid and Apollo and the Happy New Year

Back on the Beam

Basement of the Undead

Beauty and the Basement

Believe Me, Goldilocks Rocks!

Believe Me, I Never Felt a Pea!


Boss of the World

Brain Invaders

Bri's Big Crush

Cassie and the Woolf

Cave of the Bookworms

Dandelion and the Witch

Dani el dinosaurio

Diving Off the Edge

Dragonblood: Claws in the Snow

Dragonblood: Dead Wings

Dragonblood: Dragon Cowboy

Dragonblood: Dragon in the Desert

Dragonblood: It Screams at Night

Dragonblood: Terror Beach

Dragonblood: The Girl Who Breathed Fire

Dragonblood: The Missing Fang

Dragonblood: Wings Above the Waves

Drive to the Hoop

El baño

El Lanzador Bajo Presión

El Libro Dorado de la Muerte

El mejor almuerzo

El ratón perdido

Electric Claw

Elisabeth and the Unwanted Advice

End User

Escape de la prisión de papel

Escape From the Pop-up Prison

Faceless Friend

For the Right to Learn

Frankly, I Never Wanted to Kiss Anybody!

Frankly, I'd Rather Spin Myself a New Name!

From Fugitive to Freedom

Full Moon Horror

Gold Medal Swim

Gymnastics Jitters

Half-Pipe Prize

Hansel and Gretel Stories Around the World

Hansel y Gretel

Hansen and Gracie

Haunted Planet

Hockey Meltdown

Honestly, Our Music Stole the Show!

Honestly, Red Riding Hood Was Rotten!

Hoop Hotshot

Jake Maddox: Definición por Penales

Jake Maddox: Tiro Libre

Kaitlyn and the Competition

Karate Countdown

Katie Blows Her Top

La gran mentira

La jefa del mundo

Lights Out

Lío de caléndulas

Listen, My Bridge Is SO Cool!

Lost Skeleton

Make-Believe Class

Maybe When I'm Bigger

Maze Monster

Nate the Dinosaur

No Kidding, Mermaids Are a Joke!

No Lie, I Acted Like a Beast!

Odysseus and the Cyclops

Olivia Bitter, Spooked-Out Sitter!

Ooze Is It?

Pedro el ninja

Pedro for President

Pedro Goes Buggy

Pedro the Ninja

Pedro y sus insectos

Pedro, candidato a presidente

Princess Addison Gets Angry

Princess Harper Gets Happy

Princess Sophia Gets Scared

Princess Stella Gets Sad


Rapunzel Stories Around the World

Rats on the Page

Really, Rapunzel Needed a Haircut!

Running Rivals

Seriously, Cinderella Is SO Annoying!

Seriously, Snow White Was SO Forgetful!

Skateboard Struggle

Skater's Secret

Snow White Stories Around the World

Soccer Surprise

Sounds Like Trouble

Stolen Bases


Tennis Trouble

Terrible, Awful, Horrible Manners!

That's the Spirit!

The Bath

The Battle of the Olympians and the Titans

The Best Lunch

The Big Lie

The Book That Ate My Brother

The Case of the Counterfeit Painting

The Case of the Empty Crates

The Case of the Haunted History Museum

The Case of the Missing Mom

The Case of the Missing Museum Archives

The Case of the New Professor

The Case of the Portrait Vandal

The Case of the Stolen Sculpture

The Case of the Stolen Space Suit

The Demon Card

The Final Mission

The Girl and the Seven Thieves

The Glass Voice

The Golden Book of Death

The Hole Nine Yards

The Marigold Mess

The Missing Mouse

The Monster in the Mailbox

The Mothman's Shadow

The Sealed-Up House

The Stranger on the Stairs

The Three Princesses

The Voice in the Boys' Room

Time Voyage

Too Shy for Show-and-Tell

Track and Field Takedown

Vampire Invasion

Werewolf Skin

When Amelia Earhart Built a Roller Coaster

You Get What You Get

Zombie Cupcakes

Zombie in the Library

Zombies and Meatballs

The Wrap-Up

Pinna’s library is always growing and offers something exciting for everyone. The podcasts and audiobooks shared above will give you an excellent starting point when you’re in the mood for an all new listening experience.

We’re all ears!

Have you listened to any of our all new audio content yet? We’d love to hear from you! Find us on all our social platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest – or email us at

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