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Pinna's Refer a Friend Program

All active subscribers have access to our referral program, allowing you to earn credit for every referral that becomes a Pinna paying subscriber. You can invite friends and family to join Pinna by sending an email invitation or by sharing your unique referral invitation link. To locate your link, log in and navigate to the “Parents” or “Teachers” section of the app. Here you’ll find a menu option labeled “Refer a friend”. This will redirect you to your unique page that includes your referral link. Here you'll also be able to access your referral activity and progress to help you keep track.

Anyone who sign ups using your invitation or link will receive a 50% discount off of their first subscription payment. For each person who signs up, you will earn $10 that can be redeemed or combined as e-gift cards to a wide variety of top retailers such as Amazon and Starbucks, donated to non-profit organizations, or exchanged for cash cards. The $10 rewards credit will be available to you as soon as your friend's first payment is received.

In short…

The best part? There are no limits, so keep the referrals coming!

Any questions? Feel free to reach out to us at

Pinna staff

Pinna staff