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Pinna Playlists: What They Are and How to Entertain and Educate Kids With Them Both at Home and in the Classroom

Playlist — an artfully curated collection of content on your choice of media player meant to reflect a certain mood or to entertain and educate an individual or group.

(Well, that's our definition at least...)

You likely have your own personalized selection of playlists on your preferred podcast/music subscription service apps.

But did you know that Pinna has a library of playlists parents and teachers can entertain and educate kids with both at home and in the classroom?

If you didn’t, let us introduce you to this awesome and highly individualized feature on the Pinna app.

Pinna has an ever-growing collection of playlists compiled of podcast episodes, audiobooks, and songs divided by age group and/or topic.

You also have the ability to create your own playlists made up of whatever content suits your fancy.

Another cool perk? Your playlists can be downloaded and listened to offline for times when WiFi and mobile data are unavailable.

How can parents and teachers take advantage of this helpful tool?

Read on to learn more.

How Parents Can Entertain and Educate Kids With Pinna Playlists at Home

  • Not necessarily “at home”, but still plenty applicable — parents can put on a playlist in the car on the way to school, while running errands, or even on a road trip to keep kids engaged and entertained, sans screens.
  • Kids who no longer nap can listen to a Pinna playlist during afternoon quiet time for a calming, restful, and screen-free recharge.
  • Get the whole family involved in chore time with the Clean Up playlist.
  • Homeschool parents can choose from one of the many premade playlists available on Pinna or create one of their own on a specific topic to supplement learning in any academic subject.
  • Pinna playlists are the perfect way to entertain kids indoors when the weather won’t cooperate for outside play.
  • If you want a break from sibling squabbles, hand each child a smart device and a pair of headphones with a preselected Pinna playlist — one that caters to their age and interests — and send them to separate parts of the house.
  • Pinna playlists, whether done-for-you or DIY, make marvelous mealtime entertainment for the whole family.
  • Encourage engaging conversations with the Get Talking playlist.

How Teachers Can Entertain and Educate Kids With Pinna Playlists in the Classroom

  • Choose from any of Pinna’s popular Study Beats selection to put together a playlist sure to promote energy and focus in the classroom.
  • Start off a nutrition unit with the All About Food playlist.
  • Teachers can curate a unique playlist with podcast episodes, audiobooks, and songs to supplement learning in any academic subject.
  • Pinna playlists offer an engaging screen-free activity to keep kids entertained while the teacher prepares a lesson, grades papers, or takes a much-needed breather. Pair this with open-ended art supplies, puzzles, or Lego bricks to keep brains and bodies both quiet and calm.
  • Learn all about fairy tales with the (aptly named) Fairy Tales playlist.
  • Get kids movin’ and groovin’ with a playlist compiled of upbeat music you can’t help but dance to. We all need a “brain break” now and again.
  • Playlists are the perfect snack time companion. When you need kids to sit still and eat their snack, put on a playlist to snag their attention for a few minutes.
  • Offer up a little bit of screen-free entertainment as a reward for good behavior with the Popular on Pinna playlists — each categorized by age.
  • Celebrate Halloween with the Creep Me Out playlist (best suited for kids ages 9-12).

37 Primo Pinna Playlists Worth Checking Out

1. Game On!

2. Daily Starter

3. Fairy Tales

4. Boredom Busters

5. Get Talking

6. Popular on Pinna (Ages 3-5)

7. Popular on Pinna (Ages 6-8)

8. Popular on Pinna (Ages 9-12)

9. 15 Mins or Less

10. Unwind

11. For Gamers

12. Animals

13. Creep Me Out

14. Clean Up

15. Make Me Laugh

16. Imagine That

17. Play Time

18. Wake Up

19. All About Food

20. Snow Days

21. Be Mine

22. Comedy Month

23. Pinna Sampler

24. Time to Learn (K-3rd)

25. Time to Learn (4th-6th)

26. Family Faves

27. Spies and Detectives

28. Brain Break

29. Dance Party

30. Tell Me a Story

31. School’s Out

32. Fun with Friends

33. Take a Bath

34. Road Tripping

35. Sweet Dreams

36. Carpool

37. Recess

We’re all ears!

What are your favorite Pinna playlists? We’d love to hear from you! Find us on all our social platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest – or email us at

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