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Looking for Spanish content? Check Out Our 20+ Spectacular Stories in Spanish on Pinna!

Are you a Spanish speaking household? Or maybe hoping to learn a second language?

Either way, Pinna has a growing collection of content in Spanish, perfect for bilingual listeners.

Any of the audio stories on the platform will entertain and engage young learners both at home and on the go.

Today, we’re sharing a list of 20 podcasts and audiobooks in Spanish, some having English versions as well.

Ready for the list? Let’s get started.

20 Engaging Stories in Spanish to Encourage Bilingual Listening

  • Pepi y Los Puntos
  • Sofia Martinez: Lio de Calendulas
  • Sofia Martinez: A Oscuras
  • Sofia Martinez: El Raton Perdido
  • Jake Maddox: Tiro Libre
  • Jake Maddox: El Lanzador Bajo Presion
  • Jake Maddox: Definicion por Penales
  • Pedro y Sus Insectos
  • Pedro el Ninja
  • Pedro, Candidato a Presidente
  • Katie Woo: La Jefa del Mundo
  • Katie Woo: La Gran Mentira
  • Hansel y Gretel
  • Blancanieves
  • Repunzel
  • El Bano
  • El Mejor Almuerzo
  • Dani el Dinosaurio
  • Escape de la Prision de Papel
  • El Libro Dorado de la Muerte

The Wrap-Up

Pinna’s audio library is extensive and offers something for everyone. The roundup shared above will give you an excellent starting point when you’re in the mood for a story in Spanish.

We’re all ears!

What is your favorite Spanish story on Pinna? We’d love to hear from you! Find us on all our social platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest – or email us at

Amy Thetford

Amy Thetford

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