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How Pinna's Innovative Audio Technology Gives Families a Truly Immersive Listening Experience

Most of us have jumped on board the audio bandwagon — audiobooks and podcasts aren’t going out of style any time soon.

They allow us to be more productive, engage our brains while our hands and bodies are busy, and add entertainment to otherwise mundane tasks as we go about our day. The same is true for our kids.

Audiobooks and podcasts also offer a screen-free alternative to keeping our kids busy while at home and on the go. Along with that, they’re an excellent teaching tool for every learning style.

Pinna is at the forefront of bringing new storytelling technology to families around the world.

As the first (and only!) ad-free audio streaming service developed specifically for kids, Pinna is stepping up their game in a major way — with voice-activated interactive stories for the whole family.

Below, we’re going to discuss exactly what that means and why the future is bright for audio entertainment!

An Immersive Listening Experience: Interactive Stories on Pinna

Pinna has found a brand new way to bring listeners in on the action, giving kids a voice — and a say in how the story ends.

Through voice-activated interactive storytelling, they’ve created an immersive experience that everyone can enjoy.

Kids can participate in the story by providing verbal responses of “yes” or “no” to strategic questions at key moments. This gives them the power to decide what happens next and, ultimately, the outcome of the story.

Pinna recently launched the voice-activated audio experience with their Escape series that includes 3 titles: Escape the Marshmallow Dream Forest, Escape the Haunted House, and Escape the Sinking Ship

Each of the titles in this series is a timed five minute experience where listeners are challenged to escape various scenarios. Throughout each story, they are prompted to respond with "yes" or "no" answers. Depending on the answer they provide, the story will continue based on these interactions. If they don't make it out in five minutes or less, they can always try again and take a different route.

By handing over power to decide how the story turns out, kids have more buy-in and, thus, are more excited to listen.

Bonus — you’re helping your kids build a healthy relationship with technology while limiting time spent in front of a screen!

How Interactive Stories Encourage Kids to Play Independently Giving Parents a Much Needed Break

Independent play is a popular topic of conversation in the parenting world today. This article from VeryWell Family wonderfully articulates why kids need to learn to play alone.

Kids learning to play on their own, without expecting someone else to entertain them, is an important skill (and one that can be difficult for caregivers to teach).

It’s easy to stick kids in front of a screen when we’ve got things we need to do: work, household chores, or even just a few minutes to breathe in silence. And it’s sometimes necessary for our mental wellbeing. If you don’t have the energy to do more than turn on Netflix for your kiddo while you grab a quick shower, that’s totally fine.

But if you’re looking for a screen-free way to keep kids busy, Pinna is the perfect choice. Now, with interactive stories available, kids can have an engaging guided play experience while you get a minute for yourself.

The best part? Pinna’s goals include bringing more of this exciting technology to their platform in the very near future.

Be on the lookout for more voice-activated interactive stories on Pinna!

Voice-Activated Interactive Audio Titles on Pinna

The Wrap-Up

Pinna’s audio library is always growing and offers an engaging experience for the whole family. Interactive audio gives kids the chance to listen over and over again, a new adventure each time.

We’re all ears!

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Amy Thetford

Amy Thetford

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