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Celebrate Valentine's Day: 10 Pinna Stories Showcasing Love And Friendship This February

What did the chef give to his wife on Valentine’s Day?

A hug and a quiche.

Cheesy (and eggy!) jokes aside, February is right around the corner and Pinna has exactly what you need to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids.

Below, you’ll find 10 stories showcasing love and friendship to listen to this February — or any time of year.

Let’s get started.

10 Valentine’s Day Stories Celebrating Love And Friendship To Listen To This February

Sarah & Duck
Podcast recommended for ages 3-6

1. Sarah & Duck

Young kids will enjoy traveling along with Sarah and Duck, a jovial pair of pals that view the world with awe and wonder. Join Sarah and Duck on one of their many adventures where they’re always up for helping a friend in need.

Clifford's Pals
Audiobook recommended for ages 3-6

2. Clifford’s Pals

Buckle up and enjoy the ride as Clifford and his puppy dog pals embark on a day full of silly antics and mischievous fun. With a focus on the true meaning of friendship, lessons are learned and bonds are strengthened in this heartwarming children’s classic.

Audiobook recommended for ages 3-7

3. Peanut Butter and Jellyfish

Nothing goes together better than Peanut Butter and his friend Jellyfish. This delightful duo teams up to save the day when their pal, Crabby, needs a helping hand.

Audiobook recommended for ages 3-8

4. I Love You, Stinky Face

I Love You, Stinky Face tells the tale of a mother’s love for her young boy, no matter what stinky or slimy creature he decides to turn himself into. In the end, he knows he’s loved — no matter what.

Audiobook recommended for ages 3-8

5. Someday

An ode to a mother’s love, Someday is a beautiful story depicting the hopes and dreams every parent has for their child — health, happiness, and the ability to live life to the fullest.

Audiobook recommended for ages 3-8

6. A Kiss For Little Bear

Little Bear draws a picture and asks Hen to deliver it to his grandmother. She’s so pleased with his gift, her response is a kiss that makes its way through town before getting back to Little Bear.

Audiobook recommended for ages 3-8

7. Dear Bunny: A Bunny Love Story

Lovestruck bunnies Tino and Teeny are brought together by a determined family of matchmaking mice. Dear Bunny: A Bunny Love Story tells the story of two bunnies that piece together their true feelings with the help of a few dear friends.

Will I have a friend
Audiobook recommended for ages 3-6

8. Will I Have A Friend?

The new kid in school, Jim, wonders if he’ll make any friends. Upon first glance, it seems as if all the friends are taken — what will he do? Listen along to find out.

Audiobook recommended for ages 3-8

9. I Love You Because You’re You

This classic children’s poem tells the story of a mama fox and all the ways she loves her cubs — when they’re sad, when they’re scared, when they’re silly, when they’re shy…no matter what they feel or how they act. Listen to this with your kids and remind them that your love for them won’t ever change.

The Red String
Audiobook recommended for ages 9-12

10. The Red String

Given a box of beads blessed by Yue-loo, Lok sets out on a quest of fate to find the true love he is bound to with a red string. Celebrate love with Lok by listening to The Red String this Valentine’s Day!

The Takeaway

Pinna stories are a wonderful way to celebrate love and friendship this February. Enjoy one (or all ten!) with the whole family.

We’re all ears!

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Amy Thetford

Amy Thetford

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