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29 Things Kids & Families can do While Listening to Podcasts

Podcasts are one of the most versatile entertainment options around - for those of any age.

If you aren’t already listening to them with your kids, why not?

They are affordable, accessible from any device, and offer fun for the whole family.

One of the coolest things about podcasts is that you can listen to them just about anywhere.

Families nowadays are busy.

You’ve got school, homework, extracurriculars, work, and running a home to contend with on a daily basis.

We get it.

So, why would you want to add anything else to your already full plate?

Because podcasts offer both educational and entertainment value and can make even the most mundane tasks an adventure you and your kids will enjoy.

We've come up with 29 things your kids and your family can do while listening to podcasts. Use this list as a jumping-off point to come up with more ways you can listen (solo or as a family) while going about your day!

29 Things Kids and Families can do While Listening to Podcasts

  1. Washing dishes
  2. Car rides while running errands, commuting to work or school, or on the way to sports and evening activities
  3. Exercising
  4. Preparing dinner/after dinner clean up
  5. Independent play in the morning while Mom/Dad works from home
  6. Relaxing in the evening (this makes a fantastic screen-free alternative to family time after dinner!)
  7. Camping or outdoor play (Bluetooth speakers work well for this! Waterproof ones are great for swimming or water play in the summer!)
  8. Meals with the family
  9. Baths/showers (tub time is perfect for a short story!)
  10. Cleaning out the garage
  11. Sketching, coloring, painting, or other art projects
  12. Quiet play with blocks or puzzles
  13. Nap or rest time in the afternoon
  14. Baking cookies with the kids
  15. Washing the car
  16. Folding laundry
  17. Bedtime stories (Sub out your typical chapter book with an audio series instead! Listen to a new episode each night.)
  18. Yard work
  19. Afternoon snack time
  20. Resting while the kids are feeling under the weather
  21. Road trip entertainment
  22. Waking up/eating breakfast (handy alternative to turning on the TV in the mornings!)
  23. Crafting
  24. Organizing the pantry
  25. Getting ready for school in the mornings
  26. Shared stories around the campfire
  27. Puzzle books (word search, crossword, sudoku)
  28. Plane trips
  29. Visiting grandparents (listening as a family makes for great conversations afterward!)

We’re all ears!

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Amy Thetford

Amy Thetford

Amy is a freelance writer and homeschooling mom to her tribe of tiny humans. She's fueled by coffee and the desire to do ALL. THE. THINGS. She blogs about all things motherhood at