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Spooky Troop: A Very Scary Christmas

With ‘Scary Christmas’ quickly approaching, all of the United Netherworld is ushering in the “season of greed”. That is, until the “misfit monster kids” discover the true meaning of Christmas. In this thrilling holiday special called Spooky Troop: A Very Scary Christmas, the Spooky Troop kids work together to bring the message of joy, love and giving, not taking, to the citizens of Asterlin. Filled with mystery, action-adventure and comedy, this musically-infused Christmas podcast series is a show the whole family can enjoy featuring a full-cast adventure with dialogue, sound effects, instrumental score and original songs by Stewart St John & Michael Plahuta

1 - Reindeer Rescue (20 min)

When Willie the Werewolf frees a deer from a wolf-trap, he meets a thankful stranger who shares the magic of Christmas and stirs the Demon King’s wrath.

2 - Season of Greed (12 min)

When Octavia Wikstrom demands that her son Stewart the Sorcerer steal from their neighbors in honor of the “Season of Greed", he refuses — with comical results.   General Klick arrives in Asterlin to spy on the Spooky Troop.

3 - Bleakwood Forest (12 min)

While Valerie the Vampire, Delilah the Demon and Zianna the Zombie hope to enter the Horror Day Talent Contest, the Demon King meets an old friend at Bleakwood Forest — and reveals a terrifying secret project.

4 - The Secret Book (11 min)

Valerie’s refusal to participate in the Season of Greed angers her father, especially when she’s supported by her friends.  Willie reveals his magical encounter to the Spooky Troop.

5 - Trapped (12 min)

Cornered in the old town library, the Spooky Troop must find a way to escape and stop the Demon King’s wicked plot to wipe out Christmas with his Dark Elf Army.

6 - The Deep Sleep (9 min)

It’s a race against time as the Spooky Troop journey to Bleakwood Forest where they face danger, monsters and the Demon King!

7 - Saving Christmas (13 min)

Will the Spooky Troop survive Bleakwood Forest and share the magic of Christmas with the citizens of Asterlin?