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Radiolab for Kids

Radiolab, one of the most beloved podcasts in the world, reaches into its archives to create Radiolab for Kids. It's a place where we've collected Radiolab's most family-friendly content.

1 - Ghosts of Football Past (37 min)

Civil War is over, and the frontier is dead and young college men are anxious. What great struggle will test their character? Then along comes a new craze: football.

2 - Kill Em’ All (21 min)

Ever since there have been humans, mosquitoes have been biting us, and we’ve been trying to kill them. And, for the most part, the mosquitoes have been winning. Until now.

3 - Super Cool (23 min)

Walter Murch (aka, the Godfather of The Godfather), joined by a team of scientists, leads us on what felt like the magical mystery tour of super cool science.

4 - Goo and You (14 min)

When producer Molly Webster peers inside a pupa, she witnesses some of the most complex biology happening on earth...and catches sight of an ancient question of change.

5 - For the Birds (14 min)

What starts as a story about a crazy bird lady, ends with the realization that keeping things wild in today's world will be harder than we ever would’ve thought.

6 - For the Love of Numbers (19 min)

From favorite numbers to numbers that we’re suspicious of, from 501 jeans to Oxy 10, our feelings for these digits may all come down to some serious, subconscious inner-math.

7 - Poop Train (21 min)

Ever wonder what happens to your poop after you flush? So did we, but we weren't quite prepared for where it would take us.

8 - Never Quite Now (19 min)

We keep missing the moment in the longest experiment in the world and find out "fast as thought" is not as fast as we thought.