Pickle - Pinna


Is it ever okay to tell a lie? What makes a real friend? And here’s a question: How much is a person’s life worth? Yikes, that’s a tough one! Join the cast of Pickle as we explore life’s stickiest wickets, with the help of curious kids–and the occasional elephant. It’s philosophy made fun.

1 - I'm Telling on You (22 min)

Nobody likes a tattletale.

2 - Would An Elephant Visit a People Zoo? (20 min)

A nearly 7,000-pound elephant cooped up in a zoo her whole life? Would YOU like that?

3 - The Little Engine That Couldn't Decide What To Do (17 min)

You see a train in the distance. But oh no!

4 - Those Pesky Romans (25 min)

Hmm. This IS a pickle.

5 - The Friendship Formula (22 min)

Do you have a best friend? Are you the best friend of your best friend?

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