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Highlights Hangout

Highlights Magazine comes to life in this magazine-style show offering a unique audio spin on the stories, characters, puzzles, and jokes that millions of kids dive into each month, including "Goofus and Gallant", "The Hidden Sound Game" ("Hidden Pictures" with sounds!), and kid-submitted jokes, tongue twisters, poems, and science questions.

1 - Hang Ten! (29 min)

Tim and Juanita put the finishing touches on the Hangout and invite listeners to play along, meet some friends, and get their burning science questions answered.

2 - I Spy the Sky! (20 min)

Goofus and Gallant send Tim and Juanita on scavenger hunt to follow clues leading to a meteor-shower party.

3 - Space-Alien Listening Lab! (26 min)

Tim is helping Juanita learn to play guitar in the Hangout when some alien visitors arrive seeking sounds and music.

4 - Rainy Day Radio Play (27 min)

On this stormy day in the Hangout, Tim and Juanita decide to combine Tim’s love of detective radio plays and Juanita’s fondness for fairy tales into an epic radio play.

5 - Costume Parade Charades (23 min)

After struggling to decide on a costume for their big party, Juanita asks Tim for help and they create costumes out of things from around the house.

6 - Extreme Obstacle Course of Gratitude (26 min)

As Juanita trains for the Extreme Obstacle Course of Gratitude, Tim programs his robot to join in the fun.

7 - Great Big Little Joys Holiday (15 min)

Juanita offers to turn Tim’s rough day into a joyful one by making up a holiday that celebrates the little joys in life.

8 - Highlights Hangout Home Makeover Show (14 min)

After Goofus and Gallant hear that Juanita lost Tim’s prized banana tree, they offer to renovate and organize the Hangout.

9 - Worldwide Wave of Kindness (16 min)

After a rippling act of kindness turns Juanita’s mishap-filled morning around, Juanita and Tim decide to set off a wave of kindness that wraps around the whole world.

10 - Lost on a Train of Thought (16 min)

Juanita has a lot on her mind, and she’s having trouble focusing on her storytelling assignment. Tim shares some tips that help her get her “brain train” back on track.