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Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

New episodes every other Wednesday! Get inspired by the lives of accomplished women, from artists to athletes, scientists to spys. Each episode features a different, and fascinating, world-changing woman. Melinda Gates, Jodi Kantor, Pamela Adlon and other female narrators share the adventures and stories of these historical figures.

Season 1

1 - Margaret Hamilton read by Poorna Jagannathan (16 min)

Despite being the only woman in the room, Margaret Hamilton was able to avert disaster and maneuver the first successful American moon landing, Apollo 11.

2 - Yusra Mardini read by Diana Nyad (17 min)

As an avid swimmer, Yursa Mardini became a hero when she rescued a boat full of refugees and then made history competing as part of the first refugee teams in the Olympics.

3 - Virginia Hall read by S. Mitra Kalita (16 min)

Having a wood leg didn't stop Virginia Hall from becoming a spy for the Allied forces during World War II or one of the first women working at the CIA.

4 - Maria Callas read by Our Lady J (19 min)

Maria Callas had a troubled start to her life, but grew up to be the most famous soprano in opera, stunning audiences all around the world.

5 - Billie Jean King read by Jessica Valenti (13 min)

She didn't just win games—national tennis champion Billie Jean King also fought for fairness: equal pay for men AND women.

6 - Madam C.J. Walker read by Poorna Jagannathan (18 min)

From humble beginnings to being the first self-made female millionaire in America, Madam C. J. Walker built a beauty empire still around today!

7 - Ada Lovelace read by Jodi Kantor (14 min)

Ada Lovelace became the first computer programmer when she recognize that the machines could do more than calculations.

8 - Grace O'Malley read by Allison Mosshart (15 min)

An Irish pirate convinces the Queen of England to revisit her policies on Ireland.

9 - Harriet Tubman read by Tarana Burke (16 min)

Harriet Tubman, one of the greatest heroes in American history, risked her life to free hundreds of slaves.

10 - Wangari Maathai read by Melinda Gates (15 min)

When lakes started to dry up and streams seemed to disappear, Wangara Maathai decided to bring the forest back—planting a million trees.

11 - Frida Kahlo read by Pamela Adlon (18 min)

World-famous artist Frida Kahlo grew up in a small town on the outskirts of Mexico City. Journey back to her childhood, and get a glimpse of the world of wonder past the entrance of her ordinary stucco home.

Season 2

1 - Mary Kom read by Poorna Jagannathan (18 min)

Her trainers thought she was too small, and she was terrified her parents would stop her, but Mary Kom sparred and trained her way to becoming the most successful boxer in India’s history.

2 - Nanny of the Maroons read by Funmilola Fagbamila (18 min)

Once upon a time, there was a girl who couldn’t be captured. Her name was Nanny. In the jungles of Jamaica, escaped slaves called Maroons live together in colonies, and “Queen Nanny,” as they called her, was one of their leaders. Helped along by her ancestors and the strength of her people, Nanny taught slaves to use the environment to their advantage and fight back. Queen Nanny’s legacy continues to inspire activists and rebels to this day.

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