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Daytime Explorers

Hey little explorers. Life is an exciting rollercoaster isn't it? There’s the thrilling ups! But there’s also some challenging downs. To help YOU be super strong and brave as you adventure through life, Daytime Explorers is here – fun and helpful tools to help you cope with all the big and small emotions.

1 - Battery Charger (6 min)

Explorers need lots of energy! Join Amy as she helpes little ones slow down and recharge their batteries.

2 - Inner Light (5 min)

When the world feels a bit sad, Amy helps little explorers find their inner light to help make life bright again.

3 - Mind Broom (5 min)

Are negative thoughts taking over? Amy helps little explorers sweep them away with their very own mind broom.

4 - Invisible Cord (5 min)

Little explorers need never feel alone as Amy helps them discover they are always connected to the ones they love.

5 - Life Treasure Map (5 min)

Is life confusing sometimes? Amy teaches little explorers that it is ok to ask for help, to help them better navigate through life.

6 - Friend Hat (6 min)

Friendship has its ups and downs, but little explorers will feel protected when they learn how to put on their friend hat.

7 - Magnifying Glass (6 min)

Sometimes life looks sad or hard, so Amy helps little explorers use a magnifying glass to change how they see things.

8 - Special Song (5 min)

Feeling sad? Sing it away! Join Amy as she teaches little explorers how to sing the bad thoughts away.

9 - Super Cape (6 min)

Learning new things is always hard! Amy helps little explorers tie on their super capes so they feel confident to keep on trying.