Bedtime Explorers - Pinna

Bedtime Explorers

Slow down and snuggle down with these bedtime meditations for little explorers.

Season 1

1 - Magical Places: Rainbow (14 min)

What’s at the end of a rainbow? Take a trip through the all the colours to discover your very own pot of gold.

2 - Magical Places: The Beach (14 min)

Settle down into the golden sand to build a dreamy sand castle and drift off to the gentle waves on a beautiful sunny day.

3 - Magical Places: Magic Island (11 min)

Go on a dreamy adventure to a secret, magical place full of your favourite friends, foods and games.

4 - Magical Places: Rocket to the Moon (13 min)

Take a rocket ride into outer space and spend time drifting through the twinkling stars and colourful planets of your imagination.

5 - Magical Places: Fairyland (12 min)

Visit a wondrous place where the flutter of little fairy wings will take all your worries away.

6 - Magical Places: Under the Ocean (14 min)

Dive into a tranquil water wonderland to swim with friendly dolphins, fantastic fish and more!

7 - Magical Places: Magical Forest (13 min)

Take a journey into a woodland paradise, where you can explore the ancient wisdom of the tall green trees and meet cute and furry forest friends.

8 - Magical Places: The Mountain (12 min)

Climb way up high, as high as you can! Touch the clouds, breathe the crisp, clean air and see the whole wide world below you.

Season 2

1 - Animal Magic: Panther (12 min)

Journey into a lush tropical jungle, where you will meet one of the strongest members of the animal kingdom – a prowling panther.

2 - Animal Magic: Monkey (13 min)

Go on a carefree adventure to a forest, where you will swing effortlessly through the treetops like a cheeky monkey.

3 - Animal Magic: Dolphin (12 min)

Dive into a beautiful blue ocean and explore an underwater wonderland with a friendly dolphin.

4 - Animal Magic: Unicorn (12 min)

Visit a field of golden grass and imagine you are a magical unicorn, galloping freely through the air.

5 - Animal Magic: Snake (12 min)

Slowly float down to the ground to meet a slippery, slithering snake. There’s no need to be afraid – this is a beautiful friendly snake.

6 - Animal Magic: Butterfly (12 min)

Drift up into the sky where the flutter of delicate butterfly wings will take all your worries away.

7 - Animal Magic: Koala (12 min)

Climb right to the top of a beautiful Australian gum tree and meet a snuggly baby koala.

8 - Animal Magic: Ants (12 min)

Go on an adventure to meet a small but mighty creature – a tiny scurrying ant.

9 - Animal Magic: Owl (13 min)

Hush. Keep your voice down low. it’s time to meet a very special night time animal – a wise and watchful owl.

10 - Animal Magic: Puppy (12 min)

We’re not traveling too far today. We’re staying close to home to meet a very playful puppy – woof woof!

11 - Dinosaur Buddies: Pteradactyl (9 min)

Flying is a little scary for our dinosaur buddy. Maybe she can find her confidence with her little explorer friend by her side!

12 - Dinosaur Buddies: Stegosaurus (9 min)

Not all dinosaurs have the same skills or talents. Can you help our dinosaur buddy find his special passion?

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