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The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel

Listen along as eleven-year-old Mars Patel and his pals JP, Toothpick and Caddie set out on a daring adventure in search of two missing friends. But the mysterious tech billionaire Oliver Pruitt might just have a thing or two to say about their quest... Winner of the Peabody Award, Webby Award and Parents' Choice Gold Award.

Season 1

0 - Trailer (1 min)

1 - Code Red (26 min)

Kids are going missing at H.G. Wells Middle School, and adults don’t seem particularly concerned. It’s up to an intrepid band of students to recover their classmates.

2 - Consequences (13 min)

Mars and the gang face serious repercussions as a result of playing junior detective.

3 - Gale Island (17 min)

Mars, Caddie, Toothpick, and JP must endure the elements, and each other, as they hunt for a strange school campus.

4 - Extraordinary (14 min)

In the wake of their shocking discovery about Pruitt Prep, Mars’ friends realize the island has other surprises in store for them.

5 - Wings of Science (13 min)

When a surprise guest visits H.G. Wells Middle School, the exhilaration Mars and his friends feel turns to horror as Mars starts a fight he may not be able to finish.

6 - The Gift (13 min)

The team prepares to take the all-important GFT test when a mysterious message arrives from a friend halfway around the world. But can she be trusted?

7 - Dance Break (12 min)

It’s the evening of the Midsummer Dance at H.G. Wells Middle School and Mars is on the run.

8 - Lost and Found (13 min)

In the wake of a terrible loss, the gang rallies together and finds an unlikely ally in the search for their missing friends.

9 - Flight (14 min)

JP flies high and lands everyone inside the legendary Pruitt Prep, where they’ll brave wild terrain in the hunt for Mars Patel.

10 - To The Stars (19 min)

Questions are finally answered in this action-packed season finale. Buckle your seat belts, folks. The outcome is out of this world.

Season 2

1 - Cargo (20 min)

The search for Aurora takes Mars Patel to an unexpected destination, where new friends and incredible challenges await.

2 - The Colony (21 min)

Mars navigates a new–and very dangerous–environment.

3 - Shovel (15 min)

Mars goes out of bounds to help, with unexpected consequences.

4 - Aurora (16 min)

Trust is called into question when Mars reunites with an old friend.

5 - Torpedoes (15 min)

Mars’ daring mission yields surprising results.

6 - Pod Cast (14 min)

Exploration off limits causes an explosive outcome.

7 - Space Walk (17 min)

It is a high wire act to keep the peace–and to keep everyone alive.

8 - Ash Clouds and Lava Bombs (20 min)

Mars and others must band together to weather an epic crisis.

9 - Aftermath (14 min)

New leaders rise to the occasion, while Mars seeks answers, once and for all.

10 - See You In The Stars (25 min)

A revelation rocks Mars to his core and threatens to separate the group forever.

Season 3

1 - The Unexplainable Reappearance of Mars Patel (29 min)

After over a year lost in space, Mars Patel goes back to the beginning and finds himself in a wonderful new life that feels too good to be true.

2 - Unreal (18 min)

In a world growing increasingly strange, Mars must break free from his friends, and a mysterious force, to get back home.

3 - Neverland (24 min)

JP and Toothpick introduce Mars to a world run by kids, but darkened by a deep mystery. Mars follows an important clue to find something completely unexpected.

4 - Discovery (18 min)

Mars goes exploring and stumbles upon someone close to him… as his friends on the red planet make a universe-changing discovery.

5 - Connections (22 min)

Mars reconnects with lost friends as he loses contact with someone special. Aurora makes a bold power play – with life-threatening consequences.

6 - In the Dark (19 min)

As the kids of Earth face a very dark reality, Caddie and Julia discover a familiar landmark on Mars.

7 - Return of the Martian (18 min)

Mars winds up on familiar terrain, and in the middle of an interplanetary crisis. Can an old nemesis help him and his friends save the day?

8 - The Fall of the Mars Colony (16 min)

When the walls come tumbling down, Caddie and Mars and his friends must leave what they worked so hard to build and face an uncertain future.

9 - Pruitt Prep (17 min)

Mars, Caddie, JP, and Toothpick embark on one last adventure to save the ones they love...and maybe the whole world.

10 - The End (41 min)

In this thrilling series finale, Mars and his friends finally learn the shocking truth and face a choice that will affect the fate of Earth.

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