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The Show About Science

The Show About Science is an awesome adventure into the wondrous world of scientific discovery! Each episode is filled with fascinating information from scientists and educators around the globe. Together with his guests, Nate explores everything from chemistry to aliens and from human brains to bat biology.

Season 1

1 - Biology and Tarantula Hawks with Coyote Peterson (14 min)

Nate and Coyote, host of The Brave Wilderness Channel, talk about tarantula hawks, snapping turtles, wolverines and the incredible habitats these animals call home.

2 - Alligators with Adam Rosenblatt (12 min)

If you've ever wanted to know how to catch an alligator, this is the podcast you've been waiting for! Nate talks to alligator expert Adam Rosenblatt.

3 - Fake Sugar and Fruit Flies with Monica Dus (9 min)

Nate interviews Monica Dus, PhD, a molecular biologist who discusses how the brain "sees" real and fake sugar differently.

4 - Cracking the Genetic Code with Kevin Esvelt (11 min)

Kevin Esvelt leads the Sculpting Evolution Group at MIT. Kevin joins Nate to help him with some homework and to discuss a tool for gene editing called CRISPR.

5 - TRAPPIST-1 and Exoplanets with Michael Gillon (9 min)

An exoplanet system, called TRAPPIST-1, was recently discovered by Michael Gillon and his team. Michael chats with Nate about his team’s discovery and whether or not life could exist on these planets.

6 - Sloths with Nadia Moraes-Barros (9 min)

Nate talks about Sloths with Nadia Moraes-Barros, a researcher at CIBIO/InBIO, Laboratório Associado in Portugal.

7 - Great Apes and Humans with Jim Calcagno (17 min)

Nate talks to Dr. Jim Calcagno about gorillas, anthropology, and what makes us human.

8 - Animal Inventions with Professor Gizmo Gearloose (17 min)

Nate visits the Sycamore Public Library to see Professor Gizmo Gearloose (aka Christine Buik) who inspires people of all ages with live animals, storytelling, music and audience participation.

9 - Chemical Safety with Maureen Wood (10 min)

Maureen Wood studies chemical accident prevention for the European Union. She talks about how government scientists work to prevent dangerous accidents, and what we can learn from a trip to the pool.

10 - Treating Childhood Cancer with Beth Stewart (12 min)

Elizabeth A. Stewart, MD is a doctor at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital researching ways to improve pediatric cancer treatments. She joins Nate to talk about her work and how kids can help.

Season 2

1 - What in the World are Salps with Larry Madin (11 min)

Nate talks to scientist Larry Madin about salps, an amazing tube shaped sea creature, and their fascinating connection to humans.

2 - How To Study the Brain with Marc Berman (9 min)

Professor Marc Berman recently conducted a study that looks at whether a walk in the park can actually improve memory and attention. The results may surprise you!

3 - Exploring the Ocean with Samantha Wishnak (10 min)

Nate (virtually) goes aboard the Nautilus, a deep sea exploration ship and the home of two robot operated vehicles (ROVs) called Hercules and Argus.

4 - DNA Testing with 23andMe’s Jhulianna Cintron (10 min)

Nate travels to the headquarters of 23andMe to discover what DNA can tell us about our ancestry. Joining Nate on this episode is Jhulianna Cintron, Senior Product Specialist.

5 - The Sea Otter Food Court with Patrick Webster (17 min)

Patrick Webster gives Nate a behind-the-scenes look at the sea otter program at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

6 - Thermophiles with Tim McDermott (11 min)

Tim McDermott is a soil and environmental biologist who has been researching thermophiles in Yellowstone for the past 20 years. He joins Nate to talk about these amazing microbes.

7 - Ice Cream Science with Rich Hartel (11 min)

Professor Rich Hartel joins Nate on the show to talk about the science behind everyone's favorite dessert.

8 - Rust and Corrosion with David Shoesmith (9 min)

David Shoesmith, a professor of electrochemistry and corrosion science, joins Nate to explain why metal rusts and how it corrodes.

9 - Cicada Killer Wasps with Blake Newton (8 min)

Entomologist Blake Newton joins Nate to talk about the fascinating cicada killer wasps.

10 - 3D Printed Organs with Anthony Atala (11 min)

Dr. Anthony Atala joins Nate to talk about how new organs can be created in the lab using 3D printers.

Season 3

1 - The Microbiome with Stefan Green (13 min)

Did you know that there are tiny microbes that call our bodies home? Stefan Green is a microbial ecologist who talks about what the microbiome is and why these tiny little microbes are so important for our health.

2 - Black Holes with Bob McNees (15 min)

Bob McNees is a physicist who studies the physics of black holes. Bob talks with Nate about quantum mechanics, the work of Stephen Hawking, and of course, black holes.

3 - Space Junk with John Crassidis (10 min)

Did you know there's trash orbiting the Earth? Professor John Crassidis researches this trash, and he talks to Nate about what might be done to clean it up.

4 - Parasites and Viruses with Shannon Bennett (10 min)

When Shannon Bennett traveled to Liberia in college, she never guessed the experience would launch her lifelong fascination with microbiology. She shares that story with Nate on this live episode of The Show About Science.

5 - Youth v. Climate Part 1 with Captain Don Walsh (12 min)

Nate interviews Captain Don Walks, a retired U.S. Navy submarine captain who has made 40 expeditions to the Arctic, and in 1960, descended to the deepest point in the world, the Mariana Trench.

6 - Youth v. Climate Part 2 with Dr. Sylvia Earle (14 min)

Nate talks to Dr. Sylvia Earle, an oceanographer, explorer, and author working to protect the ocean and its wildlife.

7 - A Field Trip to the California Academy of Sciences (15 min)

Nate heads out of the studio to visit three scientists who work at The California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco to learn about sea slugs, entomology and living fossils.

8 - Like The Show About Science? Try these. (1 min)

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