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Lock in your first year of screen-free listening, laughing, and learning for only $2.99 a month!

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Turn off the screens & turn up the volume

Immersive audio storytelling that inspires and activates kids' imaginations
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Podcasts, audio stories and songs that captivate

All your kids' favorite podcasts, music and audiobooks including dramas, mysteries, science, game shows, comedies and so much more - have a listen!

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Screen-free, Ad-free, and no in-app purchases
Kid-tested & kid-approved audio content
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Listen anywhere, anytime

Unlock the power of audio on demand. At home or on the road, with friends and family or on their own, Pinna is a screen-free, ad-free way for kids to play and listen.

“I never knew how much I needed Pinna in my life until we had it!”
~ Jackie, Brooklyn, NY
“Me and my kids listen to this App FAITHFULLY.”
~ App Store Review
“Pinna’s... podcasts are here and they’re complete comedic genius—in a totally age-appropriate, child-friendly way.”
~ Erica Loop, Red Tricycle
“There are so many quality shows on Pinna, I don’t know where to begin.”
~ App Store Review
“Pinna is leading the way in the children's audio field.”
~ Joshua Dudley, Forbes
“Listening to shows has become part of our after school routine. We love it!”
~ App Store Review
“Love this app! Fantastic ad free, kid friendly experience with amazing podcasts.”
~ Google Play Review
“We can absolutely replace TV with this!”
~ Dave, Boston, MA
“Can’t imagine getting through summer without Pinna.”
~ App Store Review
“We’ve been listening to Pinna for at least two years now. Thankful for screen free listening!!!!”
~ Bonnie, Raleigh, NC


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Created for kids, enjoyed by the whole family anytime, anywhere
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